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ROEN is a modern maison. We create timeless, intuitive pieces with a modern sensibility, crafted to last a lifetime. Our maison is driven by the art of marrying timeless concepts with forward-thinking design.

Every single ROEN piece is crafted by master jewelers to ensure the highest standards of quality, enjoyment and longevity. Beyond beautiful objects, ROEN's foremost mission is to create cherished, personal expressions.

ROEN prioritizes craftsmanship, legacy and love. Craftsmanship drives our unwavering dedication to the art of jewelry. Legacy powers our commitment to sustainability and longevity. Love is why we serve every single client with diligent dedication and care.


Founded on the core ethos of design, quality, and sustainability, ROEN pieces are designed and crafted in New York & Los Angeles by our dedicated team of master jewelers.

From our smallest earrings, to our magnificent diamond necklaces, ROEN pieces are crafted by master jewelers using high jewelry methods that have been perfected through generations.


ROEN prioritizes responsible sourcing of the precious metals and diamonds we use in our jewelry in order to deliver luxury without compromise.

We never mass-produce and prioritize making our pieces to order – this allows us to create sustainably, make customizations and create pieces that are perfectly aligned with your vision.

All ROEN fine jewelry uses sustainably lab grown diamonds. Any natural diamonds requested for bespoke pieces are ethically sourced, conflict-free and adhere to the United Nation’s stringent Kimberley Process.

Our dream is to be your personal jeweler for life. Thank you for visiting us today.